In a difficult time for global shippers, it is more important than ever for them to have a broker and logistics partner that they can rely on. JM Rodgers is built to thrive in a challenging environment.

Obviously, every importer needs to have a broker who is concerned first and foremost with Customs compliance. Often compliance is a secondary concern to many brokers who are simply looking to push as many entries through without the careful work that goes into properly filing entries. JM Rodgers has kept our staff full to make sure that the compliance teams are operating to the max to provide the comprehensive service our clients expect.

The global freight market is evolving rapidly. Ocean and air freight have had their markets upended with reduced shipping and a change in capacity. With fewer planes flying than ever before, it’s important to have a partner that you can trust to make the booking and keep your product moving. JMR’s long-experienced employees and network of partners gives us the edge to make sure your product is delivered.

And when shippers are looking for any way to save costs, JMR is a leader in duty mitigation and refunds. We work to bring millions of dollars back to clients every year through our duty drawback, reconciliation, post-summary correction, and protest programs. With duties higher than ever, this can be a crucial benefit to a company in a pinch.

But most of all the primary reason why JMR thrives is our clients’ ability to pick up the phone and talk to our employees. As always, even through remote working, you can reach a JMR employee 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any questions our clients have in uncertain times they can work through with their experienced representatives.

If you want to know how JMR can be the partner you need through this and into the future, please contact


James Rodgers CEO