Section 232 Tariff Boosts Steel, Hampers Others

Last year, President Trump implemented “section 232” tariffs on steel and aluminum from all over the world. Even close allies like Canada were included. The law itself is meant to use tariffs as a way to maintain industries necessary for national security- in this...

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The EU & Tariffs

Amidst the ongoing trade negotiations with the Chinese government and tariff impositions on Chinese imports, the Trump administration appears to be gearing up to target the European Union trade bloc with the same tactics of negotiation. Harley Davidson has found...

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Trade Negotiations Continue With Japan

Over the last few months, the United States has been busy working on new trade agreements worldwide. This past month has seen a renewed focus on the USA’s trade relationship with Japan, a close ally and America’s 4th-largest trade partner. As one of his first acts...

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