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J.M. Rodgers

Green Initiative

We are happy to announce that JM Rodgers has successfully implemented our very own green initiative! Our goal is to become a sustainable and environmentally conscious company by reviewing our best practices for environmental impact as part of our overall commitment to continuous improvement.

J.M. Rodgers’ primary goal is to plant trees and continue our eco friendly practices, reduce our carbon footprint, and do what we can to make our planet a better place for future generations.


Recycling Of Eligible Office Materials


Elimination of Single-use Styrofoam


Elimination of plastic straws by providing metal straws


In 2020 our goal was to plant 1000 trees across the US by partnering with the National Forest Foundation through donations and volunteering. In 2021 our goal is to plant 5,000 trees. This will be achieved through donations and staff volunteer work.


Reduction In Airline Travel

Instead of taking planes to single appointments, whenever possible we will be optimizing our travel and sales calls to see multiple customers in similar geographic areas to cut down on the energy used for travel.


Less Paper Consumption

Customs brokerage can be a paper-heavy industry, but by the simple change of scanning our copies as opposed to printing up the paper for files, the amount of paper usage will be curbed immensely

Sustainable & Environmentally Conscious


Less Energy For Heating

By determining optimal temperatures and keeping them consistent, we can more effectively use our heat only when needed.


Less Energy for Air Conditioners

Through the use of smart monitors, we can observre building temperatures that will allow perfect control for differing weather, off-hours, and weekends.

The J.M. Rodgers Green Initiative

Dedicated To Environmental Best Practices

We will be providing quarterly updates for our green initiative for this year. We are excited to kick this initiative off and have a green 2021!

James Rodgers, CEO

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