For many years, JMR has made giving back a core part of our identity as a company. As a family company at heart, we have dedicated ourselves to meeting goals for charitable giving.

This past week we have made three runs of turkeys to the Interfaith Food Pantry in Morris Plains, NJ, not far from our office in Sparta, NJ. Through these trips, we donated more than 1,500 pounds worth of turkeys to feed those in need. This coming Christmas season we plan to work with them again and will be bringing them similar size donations in Christmas hams.

At JMR we’ve made a commitment to give back. In 2019, over 1% of our 2019 total revenue went to charities. We have had over 200 “days of giving” from our employees volunteering their time to work in places like Habitat for Humanity and the Interfaith Food Pantry. In 2020 we are increasing our goals to over 300 days, and we are all making a commitment to be a real force for good in our communities.

From our family to yours, we’d like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!