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Case Study

Drawback Facilitated Through Information Security
JMR acts a secure third party for information exchange to facilitate drawback claims.


A large US manufacturer of security cameras.


The client was a self-filer for all Customs entries and kept all Customs-related work in-house with their staff. They identified an opportunity for duty drawback based on their exports of finished goods manufactured with parts imported by their supplier. However, the supplier was unwilling to cooperate as they did not feel comfortable providing their sensitive import and invoice documents to the client’s in-house licensed brokers.


    J.M. Rodgers was able to act as a neutral third party in the drawback filing process, bridging the gap between both companies. J.M. Rodgers received all necessary import documentation and data from the supplier and matched it with corresponding data and documentation from the exporting client. J.M. Rodgers created certificates of delivery (CDs) and certificates of manufacture (CMs) to file the claim on the client’s behalf and became the drawback provider for all claims that needed filing using imported products obtained through their US-based suppliers.


    Because there was no longer a risk of either side coming into possession of documents that would reveal sensitive information about their products, the client received more than a half-million dollars additional in drawback refunds annually.