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Case Study

ISF Filing
An importer of industrial construction components needed to have entries done compliantly and cleared quickly.


Importer of industrial construction components.


The importer had a comprehensive book of over 50,000 individual products requiring classification, with new products consistently added. The precision and complexity of the industrial construction industry necessitated full compliance and proper tracking of all products. The broad range of products meant entries would be complex and extensive. In addition, the client was serving many U.S. customers, often with urgent needs. Therefore, it was paramount to have entries done compliantly and cleared quickly.


    J.M. Rodgers has developed a single form for our clients to use to ensure consistency with all filings. Our form is used as the vehicle to collect the required information for all entities involved in supplying the necessary data elements for the Importer Security Filing. J.M. Rodgers has an established process to assist importers needing to file the electronic Importer Security Filing of ten data elements to U.S. Customs at least 24-hours prior to loading cargo aboard the vessel at the foreign port destined for the U.S.


    By creating this solution, J.M. Rodgers is proactive in assuring that all clients’ ISFs are filed in a timely fashion, and consistently quality checked to ensure that no information is incomplete, incorrect, missing, or in any way in violation of Customs’ standards. Having J.M. Rodgers as your ISF manager can save your company significant money by avoiding U.S. Customs fees for violations.