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Case Study

Regular Secondary Entry Audits
A major importer of industrial manufacturing components and finished goods asked for help getting entries done in a compliant manner and have the product cleared quickly.


A major importer of industrial manufacturing components and finished goods.


This importer dealt with an extensive book of over 50,000 individual classified products. New products were continually being added, and the precision and complexity of the aerospace manufacturing industry meant full compliance and proper tracking of all products were necessary. This broad range of products meant that entries would be complex. In addition, the client was serving many civilian and military aircraft customers, often with urgent needs. Therefore, it was paramount to have entries done compliantly and have the product cleared quickly.


    J.M. Rodgers implemented a process whereby all entries would be reviewed twice: before the original clearance for entry (by a dedicated team of Customs brokers) and once more before ACH payment authorization on the 10th day. Changes to entries can be made in this period without a post summary correction, so anything out of order can be corrected without further notifying Customs. With this audit team, J.M. Rodgers ensured that two compliance teams double-checked every entry without slowing down the movement of products.


    By creating this solution, non-compliant entries became a thing of the past. The client no longer needed to file any post-entry amendments or post-summary corrections and therefore was able to save the money and the risk of potential noncompliance.