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Case Study

Revolutionizing the Import Process for a Global Carbon Materials Importer
A major importer of carbon materials turns to JMR to improve import processes.


In the fast-paced world of global trade, efficiency is key. For a leading global importer in the carbon materials industry, optimizing their import process was crucial to maintaining their competitive edge. Having previously worked with JMR, the company turned to us for innovative solutions to their service issues. This case study highlights how JMR transformed their import process, overcoming challenges and revolutionizing their supply chain.

Challenges Faced

The importer had a few primary concerns:

Firstly, they doubted their current provider’s ability to manage DSP 73 imports from Mexico to the United States effectively.  Secondly, they encountered difficulties with the overall import process for goods coming from Mexico into the US. Lastly, the customer had concerns about the transition disrupting current shipments.

JMR recognized the urgency of addressing these issues and embarked on an extensive discovery process to fully comprehend the existing situation and the desired outcome.


Mapping the DSP-73 Services:
Understanding the intricacies of DSP-73 services was crucial to providing a solution. JMR meticulously mapped out all the requirements and provided clear insights to the customer. We demonstrated how our services would ensure a seamless DSP-73 process, giving the importer the confidence they needed to move forward.

Resolving Border Crossing Delays:
One of the main issues the importer faced was the timing of shipments crossing the border. The current provider failed to deliver timely entry, resulting in costly delays. JMR, renowned for handling weekend border and A/F shipments, had the infrastructure in place to address this challenge. By closely collaborating with the customer, we developed specific rules and instructions to hold all parties accountable. This resulted in border entries being completed 3-5 hours prior to truck crossings, significantly reducing delays and expenses.

Creating a Compliant and efficient transition process:
Creating a smooth transition process is paramount with every customer JMR onboards. Creating an environment where we can implement all the best practices without disrupting the current supply chain is key. JMR compliance and operational teams worked closely with the customer to establish specific guidelines and a detailed process. Our aim was to align all parties involved, including suppliers, truckers, Mexican and US brokers, and the customer, to ensure a seamless execution. This involved creating a comprehensive standard operating procedure (SOP) that brought everyone together on the same page. To ensure flawless execution, JMR assigned an experienced dedicated account team, including a weekend staff, to oversee the process. Everything was set up behind the scenes prior to going live and making the change from the old broker to JMR.

Results and Benefits

The transformative solutions provided by JMR have revolutionized the importer’s supply chain at the southern border. By addressing both the DSP-73 and border crossing challenges, we have helped the company achieve an efficient and effective import process. The importer can now rely on JMR’s expertise and infrastructure to manage their DSP-73 imports seamlessly. With timely entries and a compliant process in place, the importer has experienced significant cost savings and improved overall operational efficiency.


JMR’s ability to understand the customer’s needs, map out solutions, and execute them flawlessly has resulted in a successful outcome for the global carbon materials importer. By providing innovative solutions to the challenges they faced, JMR has not only resolved their service issues but also revolutionized their supply chain. With a bold approach and a commitment to excellence, JMR continues to be a trusted partner for companies seeking to optimize their import processes.