With all the changes that have come to tariffs and Customs regulations over the last several years, it’s worth every importer asking themselves if they have checked their potential for duty drawback returns lately. Increased duties on huge amounts of products as well as regulatory actions have broadened the scope for many kinds of drawback, and so it would behoove any importer and exporter to do their due diligence and find out if they may be due money back.

If a duty is paid on a product that enters the United States and then that product is eventually exported somehow, generally it will be eligible to claim a duty refund on. Before 2018, a large amount of companies that imported all duty-free products would have had no need for a drawback refund, but with section 301 tariffs seemingly in place for the long-haul, new duties paid may mean new potential for refunds.

Nearly every type of duty paid is eligible for refund, with some key exceptions. Any duties that are paid as part of the typical process of import should be eligible. New duties on products from Europe and China that have been designated with 301 tariffs can be refunded as well. Unfortunately, section 232 duties on metals as well as any anti-dumping or countervailing duties cannot be refunded.

It’s also the case that whether the products stay in the same condition they were imported in until they’re exported or if they are manufactured as a component into a finished good, eligibility for refunds still remains. There is a myriad of ways available to claim drawback refunds, and even those with complex supply chains can find money.

At J.M. Rodgers, we have a team of dedicated specialists in drawback led by several Customs brokers that focus on nothing but drawback. As one of the largest firms in the country, we have a large staff that can take advantage of our proprietary software system that allows us to efficiently file the maximum amount of claims on behalf of our clients, with all kinds of drawback available.

The JMR drawback team can guide your company through the process of determining your eligibility through all available avenues, free of charge. In fact, JMR does not charge anything for our services until the actual checks are received from Customs, so if you believe there’s a chance that your company could have potential we will be able to help.

The last few years have seen tremendous changes in drawback that have greatly expanded the scope of companies who can take advantage of this program. If you’d like to discuss how J.M. Rodgers can help you seek refunds via drawback, please contact our SVP of Sales Andrew Galloway at (973) 230-5604 or via email at agalloway@jmrodgers.com.