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Retail Or Destruction Drawback

Do you have defective products that need to be sent back to origin or need inventory destroyed?

If so, don’t do anything until you speak to an expert at JMR. They can help you determine the best course of action for your product, and they’ll make sure it gets done right!

Rejected Merchandise Drawback

  • Refunds of duty paid on goods rejected by importer within 5 years after importation for either:
    • not conforming to sample or specifications
    • shipped without the consent of the consignee
    • for being defective

Goods Returned after sold at Retail

  • Refunds of duty paid on goods sold for retail and then ultimately returned:
    • Match is based on both part number and HTS number
    • Matching imports are limited to 1 year prior to export date

Destruction Drawback

  • Refunds of duty paid on goods that are completely or partially destroyed
  • Customs prior notification of destruction is required


At JMR we have very extensive Audit Process, we understand the importance of being compliant.  We Audit 100% of all our drawback claims to ensure that your company is in full compliance with U.S. Customs regulations also ensuring all your drawback claims are filed and liquidated at their full amount.

To accomplish this, we review every single one of your drawback claims. We request sample documents such as the Import Entry, Commercial Invoice and Packing List on the import side and Commercial Invoice and Proof of Export Documents (BOL, Shipping Label/POD, B3, Pedimento) on the export side.  We then compare the information within the data to the printed documents and make sure that the data is accurate – key fields include Import Entry, Line Number, HTS, Part Number, Quantity, UOM, Value, Duty, Export Date, etc.

We do this for every claim because we want you to have confidence in our work!

Speak With Our Experts

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