In 2020 J.M. Rodgers achieved or exceeded our goals set forth in our ‘Green Initiative’. Please see some of the statistics that we are so proud of! 

2020 Green Initiatives:

2020 ‘Green’ Charities 

• Completed our conversion to Natural Gas – Natural gas is an Eco-friendly fossil fuel produces less greenhouse gas and pollution, thus decreasing our ‘carbon footprint’.

1000 Trees – J.M. Rodgers partnered with the National Forest Foundation to fund the planting of 1000 trees across the country.

25% HVAC Energy Reduction – J.M. Rodgers replaced outdated and inefficient HVAC and thermostats with 8 state-of-the-art HVAC units equipped with ‘smart thermostats’ that allow us to monitor our usage. Additionally, smart thermostats allow us to regulate energy usage while the offices are not in use. Our ‘output’ has dramatically decreased during non-working hours.

100% efficient waste management – We have procured clearly labeled waste containers so that we can efficiently separate trash, paper recycling, and plastic recycling

100% elimination of Styrofoam cups – employees are encouraged to use reusable bottles when in the office.

100% elimination of plastic straws – employees have been encouraged to use reusable metal straws when in the office.

75% less air travel – introductory and review meetings are conducted via Zoom, even prior to government mandated travel restrictions!

100% Eco-friendly disposal/destruction of electronics.

100% usage of Eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

20% Reduction of Paper usage Company-wide

2021 Goals:

Water Reduction – J.M. Rodgers plans to update low-usage faucets and toilets which will hopefully reduce our usage by 25%

2000 Trees – We plan to again partner with the National Forest Foundation and hope to double our efforts!

LED Lights – J.M. Rodgers will be making a transition to LED lights from traditional bulbs, thus limiting our energy usage.

Partnering with more ‘GREEN’ charities.

10% improvement on our 2020 milestones

Conservation Fund

Reeves Reed Arboretum

World Resources Institute

Water Mission

Rainforest Trust

Texas Park & Wildlife Foundation

California Community Foundation 

California Fire Foundation

Acadia Center

Appalachian Voices

Blue Ridge Conservancy

Rural Advancement Foundation International – USA


Conservation International

Land Trust Alliance National Audubon Society 


Sierra Club Foundation

Waterkeeper Alliance

Earth Day Network

Defenders of Wildlife

Global Footprint Network

Natural Resources Defense Council

Friends of the Earth

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