When a new drawback client comes to us, our first priority to them is to ensure that we take every step to maximize their drawback returns. Since beginning to claim drawback more than a half century ago, we have always operated on a basis where we do not charge our clients a cent until they get their returns paid from Customs- an approach that ensures our interests will always align. We want to make sure that every possible avenue is explored for drawback potential.

To make certain that we do this, for every account that is being developed or under operation we take a scientific approach to every angle that maximizes these returns. This approach means that refunds are not left on the table due to oversights, and let our clients know that claiming drawback with JM Rodgers is the most profitable choice they could make.

Some examples of this approach include:

  1. Having good, accurate, and compliant data is often a stumbling block for even very large companies. Having information that’s difficult to use could mean poor returns from less experienced providers, but on many occasions JMR has worked with teams from the client and their brokers to establish technical requirements and automate data feeds that met compliance requirements from US Customs.
  2. We utilize statistical analysis to find anomalies and variances in the data as we are constantly analyzing feeds and databases for better opportunities. By finding deviations from the known averages, we identify where there may be problems with information provided to us. Our data experts work on root cause analysis to find the errors, correct them, and make it useable for drawback.
  3. Our drawback process consists of two specialties: development, which starts up new accounts; and operations, which files claims into perpetuity. This split in duties allows our teams to specialize, as there are different skill sets involved in both. Rather than have a single person or team handle the account from start, our teams can more effectively begin and maintain accounts. Our development team specializes in refining data to what’s needed, working with Customs to show how the program will be handled, and working the myriad kinks out of each unique client’s supply chain and documentation. The operations team specializes in efficient execution of the standard procedures developed by the first team and is geared to move quickly to get all available refunds.
  4. Every six months we internally evaluate our clients to see if there are any avenues unexplored. By utilizing the ACE data we have along with the feeds we’re provided by our clients, we make objective analyses on each account to see where we can find more opportunities for refunds.
  5. Maintaining these levels of expertise means we are always keeping our employees updated. With many training for their Customs broker exam every year, Six Sigma classes, industry conferences, and internal training, our staff is kept on the leading edge of all aspects of their job.

These examples are part of our “scientific approach” to all claims that are filed. Our clients can rest assured that the experts at the JMR drawback team have the experience and knowledge to always be maximizing their claims.

If you would like to discuss duty drawback further, please contact our VP of Sales Andrew Galloway at 973-726-5340 or agalloway@jmrodgers.com.