When searching for a new partner in Customs brokerage, logistics, or duty drawback, the primary factor for any decision has to be the quality of the people that the customer will be working with every day. The expertise, experience, and resiliency of any firm that will be a trusted partner are paramount.

JM Rodgers brings that to our customers with the longevity of the staff members we keep. We have an amazing statistic that most companies no longer enjoy. In the past, it was very common for people to stay at a single company for many years, and back then many companies in the United States had high longevity and retention of staff.  Unfortunately, in the past few decades, companies rarely enjoy having such dedicated staff for a long period of time.

After celebrating the 30th anniversary of an employee in our drawback office, we compiled some further information about the staff retention numbers and were astonished at the conclusion:

  • 27% of our staff have been here for 10 + years
  • 22% of our staff have been here for 15 + years
  • 11% have been here for 20+ years

Overall, 60% of the company has been with the firm for 10+ years! JM Rodgers has for many years worked to maintain a strong core of dedicated individuals who serve our customers for a long time, giving continuity and consistency to what can often be a chaotic industry.

It’s not just the quantity of years that our people have, but the quality of their expertise. Currently, 15% of JM Rodgers’ employees are licensed brokers.  A Custom House Brokerage/Duty Drawback company is only required to have one licensed broker to hold the license, but we have made a very conscious effort to have as many licensed brokers as possible.  This creates a culture of Customs Compliance which we build all our operations around.

On top of that, JM Rodgers has recently passed our 1-year anniversary of being ISO 9001 certified.  Having this Quality Management System (QMS) in place for some time has allowed all of our employees to deliver better results at all experience levels.

If you have any need for Customs compliance, brokerage, or duty drawback services from a company that you can count on, please contact us at  www.jmrodgers.com


James Rodgers CEO