I am pleased to announce that JM Rodgers has recently earned ISO 14001 certification. After becoming ISO 9001 certified a little over a year ago, we have been working to expand our involvement with ISO’s options for quality management.

ISO 14001 is a complement to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, called an Environment Management System. This system is essentially a set of tools to allow JM Rodgers to plan out how we can comprehensively manage the environmental impacts of doing business- from the resources we use at work, the way waste is disposed of, and extraneous impacts of maintaining a staff and facilities. The EMS gives us a way to organize, track, and reduce our impacts to become a greener company.

Earlier this year JMR set a number of aggressive goals on reducing our environmental impact, and following the guidelines around ISO 14001 is how we will meet those goals. We have set aggressive goals in reducing paper usage, increasing paper recycling, recycling all electronic and hazardous waste, decreasing fuel and transportation use, and managing other impacts our business directly has on the environment.

For example, to recycle IT equipment (i.e. monitors, laptops, keyboards, mouse, printers) to an R2 certified downstream vendor that will handle it properly. Within our offices, office managers have committed to purchase only environmentally friendly cleaning products along with strongly encouraging the building facility to follow pursuit. And with our paper use and recycling, our goal is to reduce the number of containers being shredded under 20 per quarter by reducing reliance on printing through training and improvements to workflow.

The tools within 14001 allow us to clearly see our current impact and measurably guide ourselves to lower it. Many of our staff members have put considerable effort into bringing JMR to our certification, and we look forward to continuing it on year after year to continue reducing our environmental impact in a concrete way.

At JM Rodgers we will always be dedicated to continuous improvement. If you’d like to discuss with us how we can help you on your Customs brokerage, logistics, duty drawback, or other related needs, please feel free to reach out to us at  www.jmrodgers.com


James Rodgers CEO