Duty Drawback Requirements

Record Keeping Requirements

Import Records

In order to benefit from drawback, your company must identify the duties paid on the imported material. The documentation needed here is the import entry summary and its corresponding import invoice. Three scenarios follow:

1. If your company imported duty paid merchandise.This scenario is the easiest to comply with, since you will have all of the appropriate documentation easily available.

2. If your supplier imported duty paid merchandise and delivered it to you. Here you will have to obtain the rights to claim on these imports from the supplier.

3. If your supplier or his supplier imported duty paid merchandise and delivered it to you after further processing or assembly. Here you will have to obtain the the rights to claim drawback on these products from the supplier.

Manufacturing Records

Under manufacturing drawback, records verifying the processing of the imported material are required. A company should have documentation that will verify the following:

1. The withdrawal of imported duty-paid material from inventory for manufacture and the date it was used in a manufacturing process.

2. A record of the material, which is the same kind and quality as the imported duty-paid material, that was used to manufacture the export and the date the manufacture was completed.

Export Records

Drawback also requires the identification of the exports. The documentation needed here is the export bill of lading and its corresponding export invoice.

Find Out If You Qualify For Duty Drawback

 If you or your business imports and export goods to and from the United States, it’s possible that  you may qualify for duty drawback, which is a 99% refund on goods imported into the United States that are subsequently exported . Even if you don’t do both, you may still be able to qualify as long as but importing and exporting happen along your supply chain.