JM Rodgers has a plan for our future. We have been focused for a long time on constantly improving ourselves in any way possible, from our operations to our community outreach. We’re not a company content to do the bare minimum, but are always pushing ourselves to be more and do better.

The plan is best thought of as a wheel that needs all different cogs to make sure the whole machine stays balanced at any speed for any customer. They are all different parts of what makes the plan come together.

  1. ISO 9001– since July, JM Rodgers has been ISO 9001 certified. This gives our operations a codified, standard, and ever-improving way to work, and lets all our clients, big or small, know that our company truly walks the walk when it comes to continuous improvement.
  2. Six Sigma – All staff is trained to basic proficiency in white belt course, with levels of manager managers obtaining both green and yellow belts, assisted by dedicated black belts. By using this time-tested strategy to tackle problems in need of direct improvement, we can ensure we are holding ourselves to our commitment to getting better
  3. Disaster Recovery Plans- last week we detailed our preparations for the Coronavirus pandemic, and how we both plan to keep our employees safe and our work continues as usual. These preparations extend to any disaster- be it viral, natural, or terrorism- that allow JMR to continue to function for our customers no matter the circumstances.
  4. Security Infrastructure– J.M. Rodgers is part of international trade partnership against terrorism call CTPAT this organization is but one layer in U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) multi-layered cargo enforcement strategy. Through this program, CBP works with the trade community to strengthen international supply chains and improve United States border security.
  5. Our new corporate headquarters on the 85th floor of the World Trade Center is the true sign of our new era. By returning our company to the center of world commerce in downtown Manhattan, JM Rodgers is showing the world that we are on an upward path.
  6. Bunker Office- our highly-prepared and durable offices in Sparta, NJ, our “bunker,” has the advantage of being away from densely populated areas along with generators, office space, food, and other preparations that allow JMR to continue on even if a major event would affect the ability to operate in New York. This office is the failsafe for JMR, giving us hardiness in the face of disaster.
  7. Green Initiative– as detailed in my weekly letter last week, we have an ongoing plan to reduce our waste and emissions and move to be a greener company. With less travel, water use, paper use, and planting trees both through donations and volunteer work, JMR is becoming a green company.
  8. Community Outreach and Charity– between a commitment of giving to ever more charities and organizations every year, as well as increasing amounts of employee volunteerism, JM Rodgers is committed to being a strong corporate citizen that gives back to the communities that support us.
  9. Cyber Attack – One of the advantages of using an established logistics company like J.M. Rodgers Co., Inc. is that we already have highly secure, tracking systems online and available for immediate use by clients.
  10. Data Experts- JMR’s data team worked hard for long in advance to ensure that we would be fully ready to file claims well in advance of ACE’s full implementation and had been filing our claims this way well before the final deadline.
  11. Protecting Confidential information – The landscape of compliance, while normally complex enough, is a moving target in a world of international sanctions, tariffs, and changing export regulations managed by a dozen different government agencies. J.M. Rodgers makes sure all our clients’ confidential information is safe and secure.
  12. Supply Chain Experts – JMR is full-service 3PL that can handle all of your company’s needs when it comes to importing and exporting anywhere in the world. We provide our customers with a dedicated account team comprised of knowledgeable associates, experienced managers, and seasoned licensed brokers to meet your operational expectations.

These “cogs in the wheel” will drive JM Rodgers into being a better company in all ways. We look forward to 2020 and beyond!


James Rodgers CEO

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