It has always been important to us at JM Rodgers to make sure we are giving back to our communities, both through charity and for volunteer work. Earlier this year we made a commitment to increase both the charitable donations and hours worked on volunteering, and while the coronavirus pandemic has slowed the number of opportunities for volunteering available, we have still held to our commitment to having teams of employees safely going out into the community.

Habitat for Humanity

In the last few months, Habitat for Humanity has begun offering more opportunities for smaller teams to work socially distanced on job sites. Our employees have taken a few of these opportunities to build and maintain the long-term relationship we’ve had with Habitat- as you can see below.

Food Pantries

Through this tough time, it has become more important than ever that food pantries and soup kitchens spare able to have both food to distribute and volunteers to keep them stock. JM Rodgers’ employees have been maintaining our history of both donating large volumes of food and products as well as volunteering time to stock and distribute the food. In both New York and New Jersey this year, we have had volunteers more than 8 times to both pantries and kitchens as below.

Protective Equipment and Staying Safe

As you can see from the photos, it is paramount that our employees are staying safe while they volunteer. We ensure they are provided with adequate personal protective equipment, wearing masks at all times, and social distancing whenever possible. It’s important that our employees and the people they serve to stay healthy.

Even with all the difficulty 2020 has presented, we have not wavered from our commitment to volunteering. If there’s anything we can do for you, please contact us at


James Rodgers CEO