J. M. Rodgers Co., Inc. is pleased to announce we have eagerly adopted an operating system known as Continuous Process Improvement–the CPI Program. The philosophical origin of this system is based on the merger of two Japanese philosophies, one to focus on product quality and the other to increase flow (or speed) in the workplace.

The system is driven by consistent client satisfaction. We immediately identified the tremendous value CPI could offer our clients. It was a thrilling moment for the JMR management to realize how this system could serve as the catalyst to develop, maintain and improve the standards for our products and services.

Most of our clients have been with us for many years. Their loyalty is based largely on the JMR commitment to forge a trustworthy partnership with each, to help them meet the challenges of the ever changing environment of the global economy. Not resting on our laurels, JMR is taking the next step to improve on a good thing.

Because the CPI philosophy is one that starts and ends with our CLIENT, we are confident we can elevate our standards to a new high and meet, if not exceed our client’s requirements 100% of the time. In a time when most third party logistical providers are cutting back on costs and operational expenses, JMR is continuing to make investments that will benefit our clients. This further separates us from the pack.