JM Rodgers has been hard at work for the last few months remotely, with all of our staff able to work safely sheltered at home. In this time we have been able to maintain a healthy and well-provided-for workforce, still able to offer the same level of service and attention to our clients.

Our customs brokerage and freight logistics associates clearing and moving freight all over the country have done an incredible job in maintaining the speed and accuracy that our customers expect. JM Rodgers customers serve essential industries, and so it remains paramount for them that their products continue to be expedited to their destinations.

Our drawback experts have continued on filing claims, providing much-needed relief for companies feeling the effects of economic downturns. As tariffs have increased, so has the demand for relief through drawback, and our team has been able to rise to the occasion to bring refunds back to our new and long-term clients. We are doing drawback claims for companies throughout the entire United States.

We remain hopeful to return to offices safely as circumstances allow. Positive news continues to come out for our home region showing that such measures have had a positive effect, with cases steadily trending downward. The safety of our employees is always first and foremost, but we look forward to working together again soon.

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James Rodgers, CEO