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Customs Brokerage

Compliance Consulting

At the root of every good customs broker lies a component of customized compliance.

Customs compliance is one of the most important aspects of your company’s international trade operations. It is also one of the most difficult aspects to manage. Without adequate customs compliance, your company could face fines, penalties, and other legal issues that will cost you time and money. For this reason, it’s essential that you have a strong understanding of the requirements for your product or service as they relate to customs regulations and their impact on your business.

JMR is committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. We are fully integrated with their operations and can handle all their customs compliance needs.

We have 18 licensed brokers who are familiar with each account’s specific needs and requirements. Each account has one primary compliance supervisor, and a backup for when that person is not available. All JMR’s compliance supervisors are licensed brokers (LCB).

As your business grows, we will add additional personnel as needed based on the scope of each account. Our stance on compliance is unique compared to our competitors. Many of them rely 100% on you the customer to direct them, but we understand that compliance is a true partnership between us and you. We take the time to understand your current regulatory compliance business model and wrap our services and expertise around your exact business needs.

Below are just some of the value-added service JMR provides our customers:
– JMR has 18 Licensed Customs Brokers
– Review and understand current compliance programs and strategic initiatives.
– Identify possible inefficiencies.
– Support clients’ regulatory compliance initiatives
– Creation of a compliance “playbook”
– Creation and maintenance of HTS Libraries/Parts Dictionaries
– An assessment of trade agreement eligibility
– Post-clearance compliance Audit prior to the 8th day
– PSC filings
– Protest filings
– Reconciliation filing
– Full ITAR management

Dedicated account team

When you’re working with JMR, you’ll have a dedicated account team that will be with you every step of the way.

We understand that the brokerage industry is rapidly changing, and that can make it difficult to keep up with the latest trends. We also understand that these changes can be stressful and daunting for our customers, especially when they’re trying to maintain compliance while managing their day-to-day operations.

That’s why we’ve created an account team that combines operational expertise with regulatory expertise—and we’re accessible 24/7 so you never have to worry about getting in touch with us when you need an answer or a solution.

We know it’s important for you to have consistency in your business relationships, and that’s why we’ve built our program around providing consistent, personal service from start to finish—even if your primary account manager leaves. Our backups are always ready, so there won’t be any service interruptions on your end.

Border Clearances

JMR has identified the most important aspect to border clearances: timing and customer service support. Once we can understand when and how the shipments will be coming over the northern or southern border, we can then develop an SOP for the suppliers and nominated truckers to follow.
Often border clearances can come after normal business hours, on weekends, and holidays. To ensure these are always handled, JMR assigns a dedicated account team to ensure we can provide 24/7 services. We created a border hotline number for customers that is provided on SOP’s to allow truckers, suppliers, and our customers to contact JMR to ensure we can assist clearing cargo during off peak hours. JMR offers these services at no additional cost to our customers

FDA & other government agency clearances

J.M. Rodgers Co., Inc. simplifies the importation of FDA and OGA regulated products. Our licensed customs brokers have over 25 years of experience and knowledge to ensure information on your FDA and OGA regulated products are properly reported through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) system.
Our team of experts has a solid understanding of rules and regulations. We also always stay updated with changes to their policies to better help our clients have smoother interactions with the FDA.
Our team can help you handle requirements in the following areas when dealing with the FDA.
• FDA Audit
• FDA Detention
• Food & Beverage FSMA Regulations
• Cosmetic Regulations
• Animal Food FSMA Regulations
• Food Contact Substances
• Dietary Supplements CGMP Regulations
• Medical Devices

JMR also is extremely FDA compliant and has an excellent track record with FDA
• J.M. Rodgers Co., Inc. participated in the “Pilot Program” with FDA and Customs ACE.
• Regularly processing FDA entries
• JMR is compliant with FDA Bioterrorism Act
• Will provide transmission of FDA entries immediately upon receipt
• JMR will actively monitor your shipments for a “may proceed” notice
• Provide Automatic Notification for FDA release
• All updates can be built into and automated on your customized website

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