There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to getting any shipment in or out of the United States. The logistics of moving products from overseas and safely delivered at a client’s doorstep involves the coordination of many parties and carriers to handle the goods, but the step of choosing the right Customs Broker is absolutely critical.

The difference between a good and bad broker can be a difference in both large amounts of time and money for any importer. If an importer has a broker not doing their due diligence in ensuring their classifications and entries are correct, they can face penalties and delays. Having a broker like JMR that is putting focused effort on constant compliance will ensure an importer never has delays or problems.

The last few years have been tumultuous ones for importers. First with the implementation of TFTEA in 2018, several waves of new tariffs, and now a brand-new sweeping trade agreement with USMCA, it’s necessary to have a broker that can navigate these changes by focusing on constant improvement. JM Rodgers is unique in the customs brokerage industry that we are ISO 9001 certified along with having all management and nearly all staff trained in Six Sigma, and utilize these to constantly improve our service.

J.M. Rogers is different than most customs brokers in many ways, especially in our unwavering approach to center compliance in all our operations. We create standardized parts dictionaries for our clients as a part of the customized service we build around all our clients’ needs. Having assigned teams that know our clients’ accounts means every entry is handled by the team that knows the account best.

JM Rodgers clears entries 7 days a week with a consistently high level of compliance, with easy availability of your team members at all times. All of our clearances are done in advance, with all air entries completed with wheels-up clearance.

Having the right broker that goes above and beyond can be key to the success of any importer, and JM Rodgers can offer you the best service available. If you’d like to discuss how we can assist you, please contact us at


James Rodgers CEO