This week across most of the country, students are back to schools both in person and through remote virtual learning. As kids and their parents prepare to work through an unusual school year, we at JM Rodgers continue to work through these hard times.

JM Rodgers has maintained an almost entirely remote workforce since March when closures first began in the United States. For many years, we had put together contingency plans for various emergencies and natural disasters to be able to maintain business continuity, ensuring that no matter what our business would go on. This plan has paid off, and operations have continued uninterrupted.

Since the initial office closure JMR staff have been working from home and remotely with no change in our service. We still offer 24-hour responses with 7 day per week clearances, with our clearances still being submitted “wheels up” and prior to vessel arrival to expedite clearances.

Our logistics and freight team operate wholly remotely as well, relying on the essential workforce of truckers and dock workers to get freight where it needs to go. JMR’s US team and our partners overseas continue to move freight anywhere in and out of the country with no change to our service.

And in our New Jersey location, our drawback team continues to process claims for refunds. With increased duties in place for the long term, having a program to get this money refunded back to the bottom line is critical as ever.

We are keeping a close eye on government guidelines and updates about the safety of workers in the future to guide our plans for continued remote work and eventual re-opening once it is fully declared safe for people to return.

We’re in the back-to-school spirit ourselves with a program for continued education for all departments and the entire company on key issues. Department heads to keep up a consistent regimen of continuing education to ensure our staff is as up to date and educated on the best practices for their job.

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James Rodgers CEO