Despite the worldwide changes in commerce as nations deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, freight always continues to move. Supply chains remain strong and in place, and so US importers and exporters are still moving their products around the world, and JM Rodgers is here with them.

The borders to both Mexico and Canada have been closed to non-essential travelers, but importers still need their products in the USA. JM Rodgers has continued to clear freight crossing the borders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having an experienced, prepared, and multi-lingual staff has meant no interruptions for our customers.

Ocean ports and airports are still moving shipments in and out. Critical supplies from around the world depend on competent brokers like JMR to quickly move and clear shipments anywhere in the country at any time.

In a time when customer service is paramount for customers in an unsure time, JMR still offers service with no screening. We have no voicemail, so you will always be able to reach a live member of your team to answer your question.

With constant changes globally, it’s more necessary than ever to be able to trust who you work with around the world. With JMR’s close network of longstanding like-minded partners, along with our offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, we have every confidence that local needs and changes are being monitored and adhered to.

And as companies look for ways to find money, our duty drawback experts are available to help you evaluate your refund potential and help you file claims. With increased tariffs in place for the long haul, all importers and exporters should consider drawback as a viable plan.

JM Rodgers remains the strongest partner for anyone in difficult times. If you’d like to discuss how we can assist you, please contact


James Rodgers CEO