JM Rodgers remains open for business for both Customs Brokerage and Duty Drawback. We are open as usual, offering the same level of confidence as we always have to our clients. We are still available every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

As a family-owned business, we are concerned with the well-being of our employees and their families, and as such have had all our employees work from home to remain secure and isolated. We have provided time and allowances over the last few weeks for clients to stock up for the long haul, making sure they have provisions and medicine to safely see themselves through.

As I have explained previously, this move is part of a culmination of years of preparation by JMR to be able to work through disasters without interruption. Since well before Hurricane Sandy that devastated New York City in 2012, we had preparations in place that have allowed interruption-free service even when times have gone very bad.

Through this process, the security of all information is always paramount. Our clients can be assured that their data being handled remotely by our employees remains extremely secure:

    1. The security and confidentiality of all data used by JMR’s employees will stay within JMR systems. That is, no laptop stores any data and they are only used as a means to connect to our network.
    2. No laptop can be connected without authentication and authorization from our firewalls. 
    3. With information being store and fed into remote servers, our operations people can log in from home to continue clearing entries and managing shipments. All storage and CPU cycles are taken place within our network and not within each laptop. If a laptop is lost or stolen, no information is lost or stolen.

We are available for our clients, and we will remain so through this crisis and beyond. JM Rodgers is long committed to our clients and workforce, and our clients will always be able to rely on us for their Customs brokerage, international freight, and duty drawback needs.


James Rodgers CEO

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