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Tracking & Visibility

JM Rodgers is a company that offers a wide range of IT solutions for all of our clients. Our solutions include everything from simple spreadsheet reports to complex web tracking applications.

Our customized solutions are designed with your business needs in mind, and we build them around you. We can provide tracking information on containers to a complete brokerage/freight management package that will give you access to our brokerage side of the business as well as our freight management operations.

During the on-boarding process, we work with each client to create a single source solution enterprise system for their exact business needs. This system includes Shipment Details, Shipment Dates, Container Information, Duties Paid, Imaging and documentation retention, customized reporting etc. Each interface can be modified to depict a wide collection of information that is stored on our Brokerage/Drawback Information System. The information can also be retrieved via a web download or in the same manner that we provide the Excel spreadsheet that many clients are used to seeing in their mailboxes.

We can customize reports from our own Brokerage/Drawback Information Systems based on your preferences. Clients can simply tell us what kind of information they want and how often they would like it delivered

For over 40 years, JMR has been helping Fortune 100 and smaller companies create efficient and compliant reconciliation programs. We use four sources to do this:
– ACE access to extract entry data
– US Customs ABI entry queries, which needs a Hold Harmless signed from customer.
– Liquidation reports from Indy. ACE data can be inaccurate; having the Liquidation reports brings an accurate account of all entries.
– Direct communication with ABI Customs representatives. JMR uses our relationship with Customs to add a human element to your Reconciliation program.

As your customs broker, we can perform the entry on a part-level basis and will have all the values and quantities within our system and flag each entry.


Importers must submit ISF filings for any shipments imported to the U.S. by ocean vessel. Learn how to file this documentation correctly to avoid thousands of dollars in fees and shipping delays.

Submitting an ISF filing is one of the most important steps in the importation process. ISFs are mandatory for many U.S. imports and can result in thousands of dollars in penalties if not submitted correctly.

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), an ISF (Importer Security Filing) is required for all shipments entering the U.S. by ocean vessel and contains essential information about the importer/supplier and the carrier of those goods. An ISF filing is not required for goods transported via other modes of transportation.

JMR has a process in place to make filing ISF simple and compliance-focused, while also helping you avoid penalties, delays, or additional costs due to noncompliance with regulations related to this type of documentation process.

International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

Your business is unique. And so are your ITAR needs.

JMR has been working with companies that ship cargo subject to ITAR regulations since we opened our doors in 1952. We know that when it comes to these shipments, you need more than just a broker who can help you clear your goods—you need a partner who knows the regulations inside and out and can help you navigate them. That’s why we offer an array of services to support ITAR compliance needs.

JMR can assist by reviewing your current process, offer best practice solutions for streamlining and improving your process and create a SOP that clearly documents all necessary procedures for handling ITAR shipments.
If you’re looking for a company that can help you with your ITAR shipments, look no further than JMR.

Business Reviews

JMR understands that every business has different goals and needs, and we work with you to understand those goals and work towards them. Setting periodic business reviews is an important aspect of account management, and JMR believes in this process.

Our business reviews cover a few key areas:

· Evaluate previous quarter goal progress
· Revisit long-term goals
· Create new quarterly goals
· Create customized KPIs
· Monitoring and Exceptions reporting
· Ensure high standards and accountability are maintained
· Analyze collective data for clear understanding of customer’s supply chain
· Emphasize communication and collaboration
· Build long-term partner relationship

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